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High School Composition II

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    High School Composition II

    I would love to know who typically teaches this class and if Mr. Piland knows who will be teaching it this coming year. Thank you!

    My boys are currently taking this with Mrs. Abigail Johnson. She’s phenomenal!!
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    MP: Lit 10, VideoText Algebra
    MPOA: High School Comp. II
    HSC: Spanish I, Conceptual Physics, Modern European History, and electives

    MP: Biology, Lit 10, VideoText Algebra, Greek Tragedies
    MPOA: High School Comp. II, Fourth Form Latin
    HSC: Modern European History

    7M with:
    Second Form Latin, EGR III, and HSC for US History

    SC Level 4

    3A, with First Form Latin (long story!)

    Still in SC Level 2

    DD 4/5
    SC Level C


      My son is in High Composition II with Mrs Selby. She is an experienced teacher and very clear in her expectations so he knows what to do each week which suits his personality very well. His writing has improved noticeably already.
      DS14, MPOA HS Comp II, mix of MP resources with substitutions, 2019-2020

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        How much student interaction is there with those teachers? Is it relaxed and fun or strict and to the point? Thank you!!


          My son is taking it right now with Mr. Reed. He is great. He really enjoys him. I would say Mr Reed is probably more lighthearted and relaxed than the others we’ve had, but still gets the job done and handles class well. My has also had Mrs Johnson. He agrees that she really is phenomenal! In fact, he credits her with his attitude shift in regards to writing And currently, my daughter is taking MsComp II with Mrs Selby. We are both extremely pleased with her promptness, classroom management and firm yet gentle demeanor. There is a lot of student interaction in these classes. All the instructors leave great constructive yet positive feedback. I would say all these instructors are are a good mix of fun and strict. I don’t think you can make the wrong choice with any of them

          2019/20 6th year with MP
          DS 15: 10th, MPOA: HS Comp II, Economics
          DD 13: 7th, MPOA: Latin, Chreia/Maxim & Ref/Con
          DD 9: 4th using 3A
          Twin DD's 7: 1st


            Originally posted by Mamamoose View Post
            I would love to know ... if Mr. Piland knows who will be teaching it this coming year. Thank you!
            Good afternoon,

            I checked with Mr. Piland, and both Abigail Johnson and Joel Reed will be teaching HS Comp II in 2020-2021. Elaine Selby may be teaching a section as well, but Mr. Piland's not sure yet.

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              Thank you!