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American history 1 year vs 2 year

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    American history 1 year vs 2 year

    Can someone explain the differences between the 1 year track for American history and the 2 year tracks offered on MPOA? Is the one year course an accelerated/ advanced course, it is it on the same level more or less and more of a survey / less in depth? I'm trying to figure out what to do with my son for history. Due to time constraints, he would do best with a 1 year American history course, but an accelerated version of MP's already rigorous curriculum would be too much for him.
    DS14: gr9- MP8, FFL, fable/narrative (MPOA), R&S math 6, Myself & Others 3, Ligonier connect biblical studies, coop art/PE/Life Skills
    DS9: gr4- MP4, LC, intro to comp, LOF Math, Myself and Others 3, catechism workbook, coop art/PE/supplemental science

    Hi Julia,

    Thanks for the question. Glad to help! The American I and II are equivalent to the normal American History. It is a much slower track and we offer a few tracks for folks. A moderated track is for students to do American I, II, and European I and II all four years of high school. This is a good track if you don't care about AP History courses. The American History class does move pretty quickly.

    Thank you!

    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy