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    Grades for MPOA

    I remember reading somewhere that MPOA classes give grade reports at the end of the year, but could give one for the semester if you need one. Is this something you need to make a special request for well in advance? How do we do this? I recently joined an umbrella school that requires semester grades and I'm new to both that and to MPOA so trying to figure everything out early. The other thing is I think the umbrella school's semester ends before mp's semester. Is that something that could be accommodated by an early semester grade from mpoa or is that something I would need to work out with the umbrella school?

    Hi Julia,

    Thanks so much for reaching out. Yes, you need to make a special request for this and it is normally for when we send it to an external evaluator, like if you have an umbrella school as you mentioned. If you will your request to at the time you need it. Then we'll get it right out. Even if your umbrella school's semester ends before ours, we can do this. As long as your umbrella school knows we are finished with our semester and they are okay with this.

    I hope this helps!

    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy
    (877) 745-8866


      Ok, thanks a lot!