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Preparation for the new year

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    Preparation for the new year

    Good afternoon!

    I am beginning to prepare for our school year (schools where we live start very late compared to the rest of the country!). I am wondering how you best prepare your students, especially younger students, for online classes. Both my 5th grade core student and my 6th grader are doing classes with MPOA and I want to give them tools to make sure they are successful. Do you write in daily work in their planners? Is there a lesson plan with homework assignments I can print off? How do you best prepare your students for a successful year with MPOA?

    Thank you in advance!


    DD 12 (MP 7)
    DS 9 (Gap Year)
    DS 4 - Preschool
    DD 2 - Board Books and Chaos

    Have you checked out their class pages? My kids have taken several classes with MPOA and the class pages have always show the assignments/due dates. I would either write it for them or supervise them writing it in their planner each week.

    For 2019-2020
    DD 16 - 11th with MPOA(AP Latin), Lukeion (Greek4 & Adv. NT Greek), Thinkwell (Economics and Chemistry), plus Pre-Calculus, American G’ment, Early Church History set, and British Lit
    DS 14 - 8th with MPOA(Fourth Form), CLRC(Intro Lit and Comp), plus Algebra, Field Biology, Classical Studies 1
    DS 11 - 6th with Right Start Level G online class
    DS 6 - 1st with Prima Latina


      My daughter did two classes last year with MPOA and that was her first experience with online classes. She did great but I was involved. I watched the classes with her in the beginning until I was confident she had the hang of things. I did write the MPOA assignments into our curriculum manual but with only two classes she did pretty well remembering she had work due.

      She is taking five classes in 6th and I plan to transfer the assignments from the class pages into our planner and we’ll for our other work around the demands of the classes. It is good for them to take as much responsibility as they can but at this age I think the parent still needs to be pretty involved with keeping them on track at the very least.

      MPOA is very good about providing the outline of work ahead of time. So just familiarizing yourself with the class pages and the typical assignments and how the flow of the week will work for you will help your students.


        We've done two classes with MPOA so far, and both teachers posted in advance a syllabus with what would be done each lesson, the homework and its due date, class rules, etc. All very thorough and clear: I printed them for each child, but it's all info the teacher will repeat in class, and it's found on the class page too. You should also receive emails about Open Houses for the classes your kids are taking: make sure you all watch them, they answer a lot of questions, and teachers will answer whatever else you want to ask.
        Some classes have sample lessons one can watch to know what to expect:
        Beside this, your preparation will also depend on what the class requires of your kids: if there's a lot of typing, for instance, will your children be comfortable with it? Mine never use the computer but for MPOA, so I know they do need typing practice!
        DS (14) and DD (13): MPOA and MP, mostly 8th grade
        DS (6): a mix of K resources, MP and not