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Online academy required materials question: Pre-A text, FMMA, FF Latin

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    Online academy required materials question: Pre-A text, FMMA, FF Latin

    Hello! The class description for Prealgebra states that the Prealgebra text and teacher manual are required, but also says that the latter is optional. Rainbow Resource describes the text as having a key included. So the text has a key, and there's a separate teacher guide with key? I don't want to buy unnecessary items, so I just wanted clarification.

    Next, are the Ancient Civilizations maps set truly used for the Famous Men of the Middle Ages class? They are listed as required. Or are there maps in the student guide for this purpose?

    Lastly, it would be really nice if MP would consider offering a package price for First Form Latin MPOA sets (Text, Student Guide, Workbook Key, CD, flash cards). When I inquired directly, the response seemed to imply that because fewer items were required, that no package was available. These items piecemeal are almost the same cost as the basic set, and MP offers four-piece set prices for Famous Men of the Middle Ages, for example (text, Student Guide, Teacher Guide, flash cards). It would also be helpful for ordering purposes! Either way, thank you in advance for your guidance!
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    I will seek out the instructors directly about the use of required/optional materials. Thanks.



      My apologies for the delay. For the student it is only the Student text and the Solutions Manual (class description here, always go with that). Yes, the Wall Maps are typically used by students as well (on the course description, here). On the textbook packages, I am unsure about this. If you have any other questions please feel free to send an email to

      Again, my apologies for the delay! Thank you!

      Scott Piland
      Memoria Press Online Academy
      (877) 745-8866


        No worries! Thanks!