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CLT for MPOA HS Diploma Program

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    CLT for MPOA HS Diploma Program

    A question for Mr. Piland.....

    Will MPOA be altering the requirements for the online high school diploma program with regards to the CLT vs. SAT/ACT? Currently, my son is required to take (is it?) both the SAT and ACT. Just wondering if that will be changed to allow a student to focus on taking the CLT instead?


    Susan P in VA

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the question - glad to help! No, we do not plan to alter the requirements. We require the SAT or ACT or CLT (only one). For students opting only to take the CLT we issue a caution because not every school accepts the CLT. It's a bit like putting all of your eggs in one basket, so 100% of the students we have who've taken the CLT have also taken either the SAT or ACT. I think this is wise. The CLT is a disruptor in the test-taking industry and we think it is a good test. Whether or not it has the staying power remains to be seen, say, five years from now. Because of that we encourage students to take it but don't recommend they take it alone.

    I hope this helps!

    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy


      Okay, thanks. I hadn't seen in the MPOA HSDP documents a mention of the CLT so it sounds like it as an option for one of the tests to take. I do understand the caution and was mulling over still having my son take one of the others, for no other reason than if he chooses to just go more locally to UVA, for example. I doubt they will ever start to accept the CLT. HIs preference is to attend one of the schools that is an accepter and endorser of the CLT. But that may just not work out logistically, for practical reasons.

      Thanks again,