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Question about online classes and independent work

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    Question about online classes and independent work

    This could be a bit far out for us, but I'm curious nonetheless how it works.

    My question is, is your child takes say, 4-5 online classes (ideally spaced on 4-5 days of the week), what do you do the other days for work? Does the instructor specify exactly what needs to get done each day, or just give a general idea of what needs to be done in a week? I'm just wondering about the kids who need the work broken up by day.-if this might not work.

    Does this vary by teacher? I'm nervous about meeting just once a week-seems like twice a week for shorter periods would be ideal. Some kids might not be able to handle the independence of studying independently for 4 days out of the week, you know? Unless it is specifically mapped out what they need to do? How is this handled in middle/high school?

    My 5th grade dd took Latina Christiana and Narrative this year and the teachers did provide a daily breakdown of independent assignments to be done. Everything isn’t turned in but the teachers did provide guidance for what independent study through the week should look like. I actually wrote it into our Core curriculum guide so it was on our daily checklist. I’m not positive that every single class is set up this way but my older child has taken classes also and I have the impression this is generally the case.