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Famous Men of Middle Ages & Famous Men of Greece

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    Famous Men of Middle Ages & Famous Men of Greece

    Can you tell me a little about how the one-semester "Famous Men..." courses are structured? Are the entire books covered? If so, approximately how many lessons per week are expected to be mastered each week? (I want to make sure the pace would not be too quick for my son.)

    Secondly, how are the classes structured? Do kids typically read the chapter(s) ahead of the class and then the teacher discusses/lectures? Or do the kids take turns reading in the class? etc.

    Also, what type of homework is assigned? The course description says that part of the grade is based on enrichment assignments, and I am wondering what exactly a typical enrichment assignment would be. (Writing assignments or building bridges out of marshmallows, answering comprehension questions, etc.) My child has a few other courses that require a lot of writing, and I am trying to make sure he would not be overloaded.

    And for those that have taken the class, do you find the estimate of 30 mins per day of outside work to be accurate?

    Thanks very much for your patience with all of my many questions!
    Cathy aka The Attached Mama
    DS 12, 7th Grade
    DD 11, 6th Grade
    DS 5, K

    Hi Cathy,

    Thanks for this. Glad to help! The entire book is covered and moves at 2 lessons per week. Typically students read the lessons before class. The homework is normally the reading, completing the Student Guide, and any enrichment projects that are required. These could be projects like a character catalog or a heraldry project for FMMA. 30 minutes is usually spot-on with these class, as far as per day work.

    Thank you!

    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy
    [email protected]
    (877) 745-8866