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    Summer Courses

    Is the complete summer schedule posted, or are there still courses that will be added? I'm wondering specifically about a writing course. I wish we had moved things around this year to make the available Narrative class work, because it's the one subject I am really struggling with teaching. I think it's important it's done well so I am considering tabling it for now and having her take it with MPOA. I'm also questioning how well we did with Fable, so I'm wondering if it would be better to go into the Fable / Narrative course next school year. She will be in 6th grade, but she's a pretty young 6th grader.

    On that note, for the Summer Grammar Camp, is the 6-8 grade recommendation for those entering 6th grade or just completing 6th grade?

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    DS 8 (MP 4)
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    Re: Summer Courses

    Hi Michelle,

    Thank you for the email - glad to help! There will probably be a few more classes added in the area of Literature but we normally reserve our Classical Composition courses for the school year.

    If you would like to chat about Fable and why you think maybe it wasn't mastered, feel free to give me a call. Would be glad to discuss this with you and over the telephone might be more helpful

    P.S. I would probably NOT put a 6th grader in Fable/Narrative, mostly because of the following year. I would only do this if you are okay with your student doing Chreia/Maxim only the following year, as we do not generally recommend 7th graders doing Chreia/Maxim and Ref/Con all in the same year.

    Thank yoU!

    Scott Piland
    Memoria Press Online Academy
    (877) 745-8866