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    switching to R+S

    I haven't fully decided on my math plans for next year but R+S is certainly an option. I have an eager K girl next year who is almost done with Abeka K math. She can easily write her #s, has a pretty good understanding of place value to 99 but could use more work here, knows how to add and subtract and is starting to memorize her math facts. Would you do you k plans or 1st grade plans or just do all of R+S 1st grade as written?
    Also, do you add anything to R+S arithmetic in any of your plans K-6? Or, do the plans simply schedule math a bit more?

    Re: switching to R+S

    According to the description you have of your daughter’s math abilities, I would start her on workbook 2 of R & S First grade. The first workbook will cover the things she already has covered with the Abel’s K.

    Michelle T


      Re: switching to R+S

      From all the grades of R&S math we have used with MP, the plans simply schedule when to do each lesson, and how much of it to do. These vary by year, so for instance, one year seems to be "do a lesson a day" but then the next year will have you do four lessons during the week, but skip the review sections of each lesson. The review sections are then all done on Friday. But then the next year, there will be a different pattern.

      I am assuming these differences are due to the fact that the plans were written by the grade level teachers at MP's school...Highlands Latin...and they follow what those teachers do in their classrooms. If you want the daily breakdown of what to do, along with check boxes, they can be really helpful. But there are not additional ideas added; just "do this" sorts of instruction. All the R&S teacher manuals have a suggested method for teaching each lesson though - which are really thorough and that can be really helpful.

      My kids have always preferred to simply do a lesson a day, without variation. So that is what we do. We check of "math" when they have done their lesson regardless of what the plan says to do.

      The first grade plans would start at the beginning of R&S first grade math, and move really quickly through the first workbook (because the kids complete that in K), and then slow down when they get to new material. They make it cover a full year by incorporating a lot of the black-line worksheets that come with the first grade math set from R&S. So if you wanted a full year of "what to do" with your daughter, it would be a great way to go.

      Otherwise, as Michelle said, just start with the second workbook and do a lesson a day. When your child finishes, just move right along to the second grade book.

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