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What's that Bird - Where to go from here?

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    What's that Bird - Where to go from here?

    We thoroughly enjoyed our study of birds this year. Can someone offer suggestions on what to do next? Favorite resources? Maybe similar to MP materials?

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    Re: What's that Bird - Where to go from here?

    You've likely already done this or similar, but I think it's great fun to start counting species that visit your home. In the back of most field guides is a list with check-boxes for you to check off. We created our own spreadsheet and only added birds to it as we identified them. They had to be at our house--not near our house or on the roads. We had to lure them to us! We did this for a few years and it was such a wonderful way to really get to know "our neighbor" birds. Every time we saw a new species I tried to get a photo so we could take our time and do a correct identification. Kaufman's Field Guide to Birds is our absolute favorite.

    Looking forward to what others suggest here. We get to go through the bird study two more times in our house!
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      Re: What's that Bird - Where to go from here?

      We haven’t done birds yet but we enjoy backyard birding and bird watching when we go hiking.

      We have a junior birding club in our town that does some cool birding projects and field trips. My favorite was the hawk release- so amazing! Several of the nature centers led bird watching tours. If you have something like that in your area, it might be a great way to gain experience.

      The Great Backyard Bird Count is fun to participate in. It happens each February.

      The Audubon website has some other suggestions for conservation, photography contests, articles and more.

      ETA: we bought these pocket guides for trees, wildflowers and bird for hiking so we didn’t have to carry any heavy books with us.

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        Re: What's that Bird - Where to go from here?

        Birders are very friendly. Asking around at your closest nature center is likely to result in an invite to events.

        We would often be the only ones at daytime scheduled bird programs at our local parks. That would result in the naturalist showing us spots that they wouldn't have taken a crowd.
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          Re: What's that Bird - Where to go from here?

          A great resource we used was The Burgess Bird Book -- I just handed chapters off to my child for read-and-narrate. I've linked a version with color photographs of many birds.
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            Re: What's that Bird - Where to go from here?

            Thank you so much for all the wonderful suggestions and the links! We ordered some of the books suggested and we'll search for ways to attract more birds into our backyard and look for clubs as well.

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