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    Another Core 5 Question...

    Hi Everyone,
    My 6th grade son will be doing Core 5. I am wondering....

    1) What subjects would you recommend reading aloud to him or with him from the core 5 guide? (Famous Men of Rome? Christian Studies? Insect book? Geography?) I'm trying to figure out my "time budget" for next year for each of my students and how best to utilize my teaching time. I'm trying to figure out which subjects and tasks he can do independently and which will require my teaching time.

    2) This year I had my son write every answer in his guides. For one thing, he needed the practice. For another thing, if I give him an inch, he will often ask for a mile. : I am wondering if anyone would be willing to share what they do at home for these subjects listed above (and literature)? Does your child write the answer to every question? Only some? If the later, how and when do you determine which questions they should answer?
    Cathy aka The Attached Mama
    DS 12, 7th Grade
    DD 11, 6th Grade
    DS 5, K

    Re: Another Core 5 Question...

    What works for us for that year is for me to be involved in the reading for Classical Studies, but to leave the others to be read independently. I find Classical Studies to be the most challenging as far as remembering the details. My kids are already famiilar with Bible stories, so CS is a comfort zone. Geography doesn't really require much retention beyond the memory work, and I give a lot of leeway with science. FMR has a lot of names and strange places, so I like to be there to facilitate that subject.

    My dd wanted to do the lit completely on her own by then, but my ds will probably like to "buddy read" with me for at least the beginning of the year.

    We generally write out all the answers and I like having that consistency because then I don't have to decide or argue .
    Dd 12: MP 7A and First Form Greek
    Ds 10: MP 5M
    Ds 5: MP K


      Re: Another Core 5 Question...

      Hi Cathy,

      I have a 5M'er who is a strong reader, but extremely pencil phobic (and vegetable phobic, but that is a different post).

      For Literature, my son has decided this for himself: for the 2 days assigned for each chapter, he does the vocab words and reads the chapter (alone) himself on day 1, then does the comprehension questions on day 2. He is a strong reader, so reading fiction with him would be a waste of time, because going over the comp questions brings out the nuances anyway (I go ever each Lit chapter on his Day 2, after he has completed his work, so I am only touching his Lit twice a week). He is allowed to "take notes" on any comp question that asks for a description. I allow "simple answers" in complete sentences for most questions, but I look ahead to the quiz and note which chapter question is most similar to the quiz question. I encourage him to work to write more, and more complete, answers for that question. Since I am asking for only "one well answered question", although he balks a bit (he's 10!), he recognizes the equity of the situation.

      We "pair read" Christian studies and science (Insects). I could probably let him read Christian studies alone at this point in the year, but at the beginning, not so much. Also, I have scheduled that with our Catholic religion block, and we pair read other books in that block, so that works for us.

      Classical studies (FMoR) really does need mom's hands-on attention. My son loves mythology with a passion, but even he struggles to keep the Romans identified. It's definitely doable, but it needs more of my attention for his mastery than, say, geography which he can do largely himself.

      Hope that helps,

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      All homeschooled.

      Me: retired after 16 years of continuous homeschooling. Ahhh....