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The case for Literature Guides?

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    The pre-reading phonetic work is key. Maybe you could have parents cover this prior to the class. This way when you get together, do a quick re-read of the literature words, not necessarily the phonics flashcards as those should be included in the pre-reading work. Since the decoding of the pronounce and say words as well as the additional literature guide words should be gone over before as well, this quick read-through should only take about 5 minutes. Spend the majority of your time reading then do a few comprehension questions as outlined in the TG.

    This way you have the words syllabicated on the board already if there are problems decoding. You might also consider having some flashcards there for introduction or review of advanced phonograms that you know will need reinforced and seen in isolation.

    By having the parents cover the pre-reading with their child rather than everyone doing their own thing you can be assured the phonics needed for that day's reading is being covered well so rather just studying phonics- the phonics has an immediate purpose and built in practice. This allows everyone to be ready for the days lesson as well!