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The case for Literature Guides?

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    Originally posted by 2Muchfun View Post
    Thank you SO much!!! Iíve had to cut back for financial reasons and I wanted to be sure!! Thank you very much for your very prompt answers!!
    A trick for times when money is tight: purchase the teacher's guide. You can discuss things orally but, you can also ask the questions you do want written answers for and your child can write them down on notebook paper. Not ideal, but it gives you options!

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      One skill gained by using the literature guides is how to form a "good sentence." We think this is a simple task, but that is not the case. Yes, students are imaginative and can give detailed, oral answers to a comprehension question, but being able to condense or exapand a thought that answers a question and write it down, using correct capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling is not easily done. That is why we model it for 2 to 3 years within our literature program. This period of modeling is a pillar of our suggested pedagogy key to the transition to independence in grammar school. If money is an issue, purchasing only the Teacher's Guide, for the primary level literature to ensure you get the phonics information and having your child write on lined paper, is a good option.

      Michelle T


        Thank you!! My daughter writes behind her age so Iím not worried about full sentences, at all!! As a matter of fact she leaves me notes around the house asking me for things! she calls them Notey Notes! I get what you are saying and appreciate the help.


          We read Peter Cottontail today (second grade literature). The enrichment activity was to retell the plot of the story. My DD retold the story, no issues.

          Hours later, as I was washing the supper dishes, I was invited to a puppet show. Daughter had created a puppet theater complete with Mr. McGregor and Peter. She proceeded to retell the whole story with inflection and vocabulary words. Ha!

          This is why I love MP literature and the corresponding guides. The quantity of books is not overwhelming; students spend time with the literature. Reading is not a race with MP. There's no awards or expectation to read through a huge pile of books.

          My daughter enjoyed reading through Peter's misadventure, learning some new vocabulary, and interacting with the story. She had time and interest to go above and beyond the requirement.

          Two thumbs up MP!

          (I tried to attach a picture of her puppet show, but I get an error message saying it's too large a file. Any suggestions?)
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