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Where to start older children with Classical Studies?

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    Where to start older children with Classical Studies?

    I'm wondering where I should start my two older children with Classical Studies next year. (I'm looking at the 5th and 7th grade cores for them.) Is it OK to just start with whatever is listed in the core? They both have a basic understanding of Greek mythology.

    I see that Famous Men of Rome is scheduled for 5th and Famous Men of Greece for 7th. Are these scheduled for just one day a week? Is it possible to do them concurrently? (The older child will likely go to public school the following year, so I want to squeeze in as much as we can without it being overwhelming.)
    DS13: Mix of MP 7/8
    DS11: MP 5M
    DD9: MP 2/3 mix
    DS6: Public school 1/2 day kindergarten, plus outside OT, PT and speech

    Re: Where to start older children with Classical Studies?


    Classical studies is basically planned for one day a week, but there may be an assignment for review on Fri. or an extra day on test weeks. The lessons generally take 1 1/2 hrs. to teach. That includes the reading and filling in the workbook, along with weekly review of the flashcards. You could do FMR concurrently with FMG for your older student. You might just have him read along with the FMR lesson and do the FMG lesson with the study guide.