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Good book series for teenage boys?

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    Re: Good book series for teenage boys?

    Another vote for the John Flanagan books.

    Lord of the Rings? If ds liked Hobbit but isn't ready for Lord of the Rings, the Eragon books inhabit a similar world and were written by a homeschooler.

    Nancy Farmer's Sea of Trolls trilogy books do a nice job weaving Norse/ Celtic tales (including some Beowulf) into the fictional narrative. My dd is working on a short story based around Beowulf after reading these.

    The Gerald Morris Squire's Tales books retell some of the Arthurian stories and inspired my dd to tackle Brian Stone's Sir Gawain and the Green Knight when she should have been reading something else...

    Has anyone suggested PG Wodehouse?

    I personally love Sir Peter Wimsy and the Father Brown stories. The short stories about Sir Peter are a great place to begin.

    There is one Father Brown story that is a sort of a colonial racist story about a boxing match, I think, so I guess you'll need to decide how that works for your family. It was very much a product of the era during which it was written. It may not still be included print versions as I read it on Gutenberg. Maybe someone else can help me remember the title. If I get a moment I'll look back through the story titles to see if I can spot it.

    Good luck!

    ETA: The Rosemary Sutcliff Roman Britain Trilogy. The Eagle of the Ninth is the first one and it's pretty widely available. My dd didn't like it as well because the focus was heavy on military action, but that might appeal to your ds.
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