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LCI Flashcards and Prima Latina

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    LCI Flashcards and Prima Latina


    I recently purchased the flashcards for LCI to use with Prima Latina. I have separated out the vocabulary used in Prima Latina but have been unable to find the following words:cur, etiam, Marcus, quid, quis, sed and ubi. I have been through the cards a number of times and I am wondering if they are indeed included in the flashcards.



    Nice response time, Memoria Press

    Julia --

    I see that you had the same problem with these cards FIVE YEARS AGO... and that no one from MP responded to you then, either.

    Tonight I went through the LCI cards -- which are advertised as containing all the words from Prima Latina -- and the same cards are STILL missing from the set. Not only that, but because the numbering of the cards is based on LCI, it was quite time-consuming to sort through ALL the cards to find those we need for Prima.

    There are no cards for: Marcus, sed, etiam, quid, quis, cur, ubi or any of the "Practical Latin Sayings."

    I am disappointed in this product.


      I bought this set about two years ago, and I'm pretty sure that I have these cards in my set.
      Jill, mom to
      ds10 (MP 5th), ds8 (MP 3rd), dd6, ds5



        We did correct these flashcards so that they include sed, etiam, quid, quis, cur, and ubi. We did not do a card for Marcus because it is a proper name and we felt it was unnecessary. We also don't have cards for the conversational Latin because that is more for fun use in the classroom, but that is something that we could add if customers would find it helpful.

        I know that it is frustrating to remove the PL cards from the LC1 cards, and I would suggest that you separate all the cards at one time and put them in alphabetical order in a card box. Then, when you need your 5 PL cards for the week, they will be easy to find. The reason we combined the cards for the 2 courses was to save customers from having to buy 2 sets of cards.

        If you recently purchased your flashcards from us, they should include the words we added because it has been a couple of years since we did this. I'm not sure how you got an old set. We'll be glad to send you the couple of cards you are missing if you want to email us or call our office.


        [email protected]