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Motivation/inventive/etc. for 6 year old girls?

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  • Motivation/inventive/etc. for 6 year old girls?

    I loved Jessica's response about my 9 year old son so I thought I'd ask for ideas for my 6 year old twin daughters. They enjoy playing with their dolls and each other and their brother. What other activities do your 6 year old girls enjoy and look forward to after school?
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    Re: Motivation/inventive/etc. for 6 year old girls?

    Ahhh, here’s an area we know a lot better - girls!

    Dolls, of course - each has gotten and Our Generation doll at around 6-7, and clothes, so they enjoy doing those together. They also still play kitchen/baby dolls at that age too. Lego Friends and Playmobil are their only “small pieces” activity. They spend a lot of time in the classroom after school either drawing or making their own paper dolls. Years ago I got my oldest a really nice set of Dover ones, and she wanted more clothes - so she started tracing the basic outline of them and then designing the clothes herself and coloring them in. There are a couple Klutz kits on fashion design that helped with that too. So now they all do their own. (Other Klutz kits have been good, but short-lived interests). Also, Usborne has great learn-to-draw books that are suited to various ages. We have gotten others from Amazon, too so that they can keep improving as they get older. That is as crafty as we get, but they are all turning into pretty good artists. And I keep them well-stocked on notecards because they love writing to their friends and grandparents.

    ETA: and jigsaw puzzles!

    Otherwise, they all crave being outside as much as possible. We have one tree swing, and lots of woods. Plus they take a mixing bowl of water and Dawn to the driveway and make their own bubbles. Plus bikes and sand toys to make stuff out of dirt.

    I have been trying to get them interested in music too - but it is not taking off the same way as it did for their brother. They all do Hoffman Academy for piano, but it is the two youngest who are most interested.

    That about sums it up for us!
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      Re: Motivation/inventive/etc. for 6 year old girls?

      A $1 box of envelopes from Dollar tree. Seriously cheap entertainment that they love! They leave notes around the house for me. They write notes to each other. Drawings, shopping lists, name it. It gets stuffed in an envelope and 'delivered'.

      My 7 year old also has this fashion plate set.

      Decent art supplies are key. We have your standard colored pencils and markers, but also watercolor pencils and chalk pastels.

      My 7 year old can handle a round knitting loom 75% of the time to make hats, the 5 year old needs constant help. You could try finger weaving too.

      My older girl can sew pretty independently except for threading the machine. Last week she made a 'bonnet' for her plush deer toy. Looked like scraps hazardly sewn together to me, but she was delighted beyond measure. We're slowly sewing a quilt together for the county Fair in August.

      Oh and here's n idea for your boy. Ziplines for army men. My son builds these out of yarn around the house (looks like spiderwebs) and off go his men. He's learned about friction and physics. Some men zip fast. Some men don't do anything. They sail out the attic window in the summer.

      He also is just getting into model rocket building and launching.
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