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    Prima Latina/ LC I

    I noticed in the catalog that PL has a vocab list of 125 words and LC I 250. Are any of the words in LC I review from PL? Just wondering if I should start with PL so my kids get the vocabulary in it. Of course, I would probably not take a whole year since they are older than the recommended age, but I wouldn't want them to miss any vocab they might need down the road.

    Thanks for your response!
    Sincerely, Raquel

    Raquel, We did PL last year with our then 2nd and 4th graders. This year we are six lessons into LC I, and I am finding thus far most of the vocab is review. However, I am glad it is working our this way, as the reinforcement is adding confidence especially with my 8yo. My 10yo is moving along rapidly and has a solid understanding of the subject matter. We greatly enjoy this program and I highly recommend it!

    HTH, Angie