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Mount Parnassus reference

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    Mount Parnassus reference

    I opened Jo's Boys (in Little Women series) for the first time tonight and within three pages was treated to this:

    " . . . The sisters divided the care of the young people among them, each taking the part that suited her best. Meg was the motherly friend of the young women, Jo the confidante and defender of all the youths, and Amy the lady Bountiful who delicately smoothed the way for needy students, and entertained them all so cordially that it was no wonder they named her lovely home Mount Parnassus, so full was it of music, beauty, and the culture hungry young hearts and fancies long for."

    Isn't that a lovely image to aim for in our own homes? May that encourage us all as we slog through the last of winter!

    P.S. I didn't even know what Mount Parnassus was until I read Climbing Parnassus based on recommendations from Memoria Press! So, thank you, MP
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    Re: Mount Parnassus reference

    Starting in Little Men, Alcott drops classical and mythological references for the remainder of the series. I read Alcott obsessively in my youth as a panacea for my non-traditional childhood. When I look back, I realize that Alcott formed my moral upbringing far more than my parents did. Along with my love of all things medieval (Adam of the Road, The Once and Future King, Arthurian Legends), Alcott also planted the seeds for my love of the classical.

    Moral of the story: your children will become what they read.

    Jo's Boy's.... great choice!

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