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OT: Just for Fun: You Know Your Child Is Classically Educated When....

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    Re: OT: Just for Fun: You Know Your Child Is Classically Educated When....

    ....When you give your kids a day off school in the summer, and they spend the ENTIRE day making an elaborate movie about history using iMovie and an iPad. They are doing a series of "What if..." skits from history. As in "What if certain events in history never happened, what would the world be like today? Watching their movies today made me realize how much they are really being taught to think about history.

    We school year round, so we have still been plugging away with our studies this year. As we wrap things up, I am really appreciating the education our Memoria Press cores have given us. Thank you to everyone at Memoria Press for all of the hard work. We had some other fun moments this week, that I can fully attribute to our MP cores. I thought I would share those too in case you need a laugh.

    1) My middle child has been reviewing the poems that she memorized this year as part of her 3M literature set. One is Lazy Ned. As she was reciting the stanza...
    ....Thus, he would never take the pains
    To seek the prize that labor gains,
    Until the time had passed;
    For, all his life, he dreaded still
    The silly bugbear of uphill,
    And died a dunce at last.

    My 4 year old shouted out, "Well, of course, he doesn't want to go up the hill! There is a scary BUG-BEAR waiting for him there!" (I can only imagine what he pictures a "bugbear" to look like. hahaha )

    2) As I was going through the Greek Myths / Christian Studies I Drill questions and facts to know, my oldest child exclaimed, "WOW! I know everything in my school!" We are near the end of the study guides, and he can easily and quickly answer hundreds of questions about the Bible and Greek Mythology. I can tell he was really impressed with himself. We are starting to see the fruits of his hard work. (Knowing the answer really is the fun part of learning!)

    3) My oldest says that Math and Latin are his hardest subjects. I often remind him that we are learning Latin precisely because it *is* hard. "We do hard things!" I tell him. Latin is teaching him how to study and how to persevere through a challenge. Well, today he labeled that part of his day on his checklist, "The Slough of Despond" taking a cue from John Bunyon's line in "The Long Journey" (How many 11 year olds use that phrase regularly!?)
    (I shouldn't have laughed, but I couldn't help myself!)
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      Re: OT: Just for Fun: You Know Your Child Is Classically Educated When....

      Totally love this!



        Re: OT: Just for Fun: You Know Your Child Is Classically Educated When....

        Chiming in with our family's 'you know when'

        1) When your 4 year old can sweetly recite the Sanctus alongside his older brothers and sisters
        (and knows that he completely melts me when he does it. #dyingofcute)

        2) When your 12 year old daughter tells you she's tired of being the 'foremost female' in the house when momma is gone

        3) When your 12 yo and 10 yo twins giggle while listening to children's literature with Latin references.
        We're enjoying The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place on audiobook, and patting ourselves on the back when we know the phrase "Cogito ergo sum'.
        The kids have been listening to the Penderwicks as well (through book 1, working on book 2 now), which apparently also references Latin.
        It's like we're all in some sort of secret club.

        4) When watching World Cup games result in an impromptu geography refresher
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          Re: OT: Just for Fun: You Know Your Child Is Classically Educated When....

          These stories are great! Maybe not a moment of motherly pride, but I did laugh when my daughter asked her cousin if she was Achilles in disguise? My 7-year old niece (who is ultra-competive and can do all and beat all) spent the week with us and was stung by a bee on the back of her ankle. She could no longer walk, swim, or really doing anything...
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