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    Latina Christiana II

    Last year, my sons, then in 4th and 6th grade, journeyed through LCI and loved it . We chose to continue with LCII this year. Currently, we are on Lesson 3. I'm still getting to know the LCII teacher's text, since it is a bit different than LCI in that it does not contain a copy of the student text in the teacher's manual(I miss that!) Also, at the end of each lesson thus far, it has indicated that the student should " study for a quiz over all words, forms and sayings." Where are the quizzes? :? Or is she referring to oral quizzing? They are clearly not in the teacher's manual for reproducing as they were in LCI. Any words of wisdom?

    LC II Quizzes

    We just added written quizzes to the LC I Teacher Manual in the 3rd edition. We plan to put them in the next printing of Latina Christiana II but we don't have a definite release date yet.

    We actually do oral quizzes at the Highlands Latin School it is so quick and easy.
    Brian Lowe