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Order of Table Blessing

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  • blowe
    It appears you have a first edition Prima Latina

    The order was corrected in the 2nd edition Prima Latina which started shipping a few years ago. You can upgrade a 1st edition Prima Latina Set to a 2nd edition set for only $7 plus $3 S&H.

    Please call 877-862-1097 and ask for Brian if you would like to upgrade.

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  • Andrew
    Don't know if this helps, but...

    the following page (from EWTN's prayer library) gives the prayer as "Benedic, Domine, nos et haec tua dona, quae de tua largitate sumus sumpturi. Per Christum Dominum nostrum."

    Unfortunately they don't give a printed source, but the prayers appear to be drawn from monastic usage, since the blessing is listed for recitation "ante prandium," and there are references to certain prayers to be recited while processing to the refectory. The page has a great selection of Latin prayers, and there are even more at:

    Hope this helps!

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  • Annie_G
    Latina Christiana 1 does it the second way

    And we've found it confusing as well, since I grew up saying this prayer in English and the Latin translation seems...well, odd.
    LC has it in this order: Bless Oh Lord, us and these your gifts which from your bounty we are about to receive through Christ Lord our Amen.
    I grew up saying: Bless us, Oh, Lord, and these, thy gifts, which we are about to receive from thy bounty, through Christ Our Lord, Amen.

    So am I teaching it incorrectly to my students, or am I not to be concerned with the order not being in sync with the way we'd say it in English?

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  • martin
    The Correct Order of the Table Blessing


    The first would appear correct. We will check it out to see what the problem is. Thanks.

    Martin Cothran

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  • Anonymous
    started a topic Order of Table Blessing

    Order of Table Blessing

    In Prima Latina, Lesson 11 starts the Table Blessing. Benedic Domine nos- Bless us, O Lord, then Lesson 12 has, Et haec Tua dona- and these Your gifts. Lesson 13- Sumus sumpturi - we are about to receive. Lesson 14-
    Quae de Tua largitate - which from Your bounty,etc. Then in the review the order in which it is said, as well as the translation, changes. Benedic Domine nos -Bless, O Lord, Et haec Tua dona- us and these your gifts, Quae de Tua largitate- which from your bounty, Sumus sumpturi- we are about to receive, etc.

    Which order and translation is correct?

    Thanks for any help!