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Timing for EGR IV & V

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    Timing for EGR IV & V

    We were late to the game, so my two 8th graders (13 and 14 years old) are in EGR III and Second Form Latin. I wanted to lighten their load in 9th grade, so I was thinking about having them do EGR IV over the summer. The following summer would be EGR V. Grammar isn't a strong subject for them so I want them to finish the EGR series, but I'm not sure if doing it over the summer is a bad idea because of the Latin alignment...they would be doing EGR IV before ever seeing TFL and the same with EGR V and Fourth Form.

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    Re: Timing for EGR IV & V

    Hey, Jennifer.

    The EGR books aren't tightly aligned to the Latin programs, so you are fine doing them ahead or behind where you are in Latin. Some concepts will be introduced first in Latin and others first in English. That is just the nature of the beast. The important thing to point out to students is that they have seen this concept before (either in Latin or English grammar) and help them make the connection. For example, you can teach the predicate nominative in English or Latin first, but you teach it the same in whatever language. It's nice for them to have the reminder that they already know these rules and have been applying them. It sounds like common sense, but I was always amazed that my students didn't make those connections by themselves! It was like their brains were segmented into subjects and couldn't pull information from one to the other. So I pulled it for them!