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'Tis the season to think about next year...

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    Re: 'Tis the season to think about next year...

    Originally posted by OrthodoxHandmaiden View Post

    Just a thought (and forgive me if it's been mentioned - I didn't see it!)...but what about the MPOA diploma program? Would the Canadian government recognize a HS diploma from an accredited American school? You may want to talk to Mr. Piland to see if he has any experience working with Canadian students. Or, even taking some courses through the MPOA in order to show, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a school-based sampling of the caliber of coursework she completed...? (I may be grasping at straws here...)

    Also, along this vein, I was relieved to find that my dd can absolutely graduate with an MPOA diploma** even though she won't be at MP grade level with regard to a couple of subjects. <3

    **Pending her acceptance into the program
    We have been looking into this too. I talked to Mr. Piland, he was great. But I am basically looking at having an American diploma for Canadian kids if we go that route. I think it would be worth it, since it is possible that even if they go through all the Memoria cores, they may still not be eligible for a Canadian diploma, (!!) just because there is a thing about things having to be Canadian and not American up here. Or, many of their credits might not be accepted by the minister of education, either way. Maybe they would though- I am just not sure. I need to find out more about what would and would not be accepted towards a diploma. But my brain gets all fuzzy and weird around stuff like that. I hate fuzzy brain. So then I put it on the shelf until the next time I start panicking about it, lol!

    ETA- I see your dd is also 12, we seem in a similar situation. Do you know when do you need to start application process for the online diploma program?
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    DD 12, using 6M core with 7th Grade COTR
    DS 10, using 5M core