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    Re: When to add...

    I had the same experience with the first half of Latin-Centered Curriculum. It's been six summers ago now! I am away from home and so don't remember exactly, but one of those pages I've marked into oblivion...41 perhaps? It's the one where he sums everything up in about three paragraphs. I think it's the multum non multa page, with maybe a quote on the top about "the problem is that we have too many books," (only it's in Latin and more beautifully stated).

    Now I'm going to have to dig that up when I get home. It took me a few more years to get brave enough to do Climbing Parnassus, but totally worth the wait. It's a great read!

    Here's an excellent Andrew Campbell article from the MP site for any of those who've not read Latin-Centered Curriculum:
    Festina lentē,
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      Re: When to add...

      It took me four months to get through Climbing Parnassus.
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        Re: When to add...

        We are doing both First Form Latin and Classical Academic French I with my youngest this year. I really wish I had followed this plan with my oldest. The two programs complement one another as they are both grammar based. The CAP French is also not very hard for English speakers to teach, but I would not use it for older kids, as I think it would be too easy. I am not sure if you are in Canada, if so there may be some other avenues for French instruction.

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          Re: When to add...

          I've been thinking over the OP ... I would say: just do NOT add grammar-heavy modern language the year you do 3rd Form Latin. Start before or after. I myself think the ideal core for grammar-heavy would be after Third Form Latin: the child will have so much grammar down, and so much practice learning vocabulary, that the modern language study will be much easier.

          If your DH is flexible about timing, then you have so many options and can afford to teach the language in the way you prefer. I myself would tend to start off with a year of Getting Started with French, anytime from 4th to 8th grade, and maybe do a more grammar-based in high school but you may have different preferences. I have heard that Breaking the Barrier Spanish ramps up quickly and may be better to do in 6th or 7th, and imagine that BtB French is similar but don't know for sure. Also, folks tend to love or detest the CAP language programs (we are on the detest side) so if possible, maybe try a sample if you want to go that route?

          First Start French, done after sometime after First Form Latin, is a good choice if MP products work well for you, with the exception of the audio element, which is not by a native French speaker. At least not in my edition.

          Finally: I get your husband's concern and priorities, and think they are eminently reasonable (easy for me to say -- you are the one implementing them!). It is wonderful that you are able to work together to provide the children with an education y'all believe in.
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