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OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers

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    OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers

    Hi All! I have a (just turned) 5 year old, 3 year old, and a 1 year old. I've started reading chapter books aloud with them and need some suggestions for more choices that are appropriate for preschoolers. We have read through The Peter Rabbit stories, Winnie the Pooh, Uncle Wiggly's stories, Paddington and My Father's Dragon. I would appreciate any other suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!

    Re: OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers

    Hi! I'd consider:

    Fairy tales, adapted for young ones

    Mother Goose

    The Boxcar Children

    Mrs. Piggle Wiggle


    Usborne had a child's version of Greek Myths that my youngest loved when he was 5 yrs.

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      Re: OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers

      For suggestions of books that have been culled as appropriate for specific grades, check out the various book lists on the Highlands Latin School website.

      Michelle T


        Re: OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers has reads according to years. Your child would be considered year zero. Looks like you've read a great deal already but you can probably find some titles there.


          Re: OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers

          I know we read aloud Stuart little and Ramona books. Also, here's a penny is nice. I think Carolyn Haywood is the author. I also like a book called the Read Aloud Handbook. It talks about the benefits of reading aloud to all ages, and then gives lots of suggestions for various ages.

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            Re: OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers

            Anything by Richard Scarry, was just fun to look at all the silly pictures, read the words, and giggle over together. Trying to find Lowly Worm- ah sweet memories!

            Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling (I know yours are young but such language rhythm and cadence and a magic that is perfect for the little ears imo- and you can read it again later. (and again, and again!) These stuck with my kids even though they understood very little.

            James Herriot's Treasury for Children for the 5 year old-

            Poetry for Children- all kinds and especially silly stuff like Edward Lear, just to hear everybody laugh.
            Robert Louis Stevenson, child's garden of verses...

            Really silly "Knock-knock" type joke books-

            Anything with big pictures of creepy-looking bugs, or weird bottom dwellers, or other odd and wonderful creatures like...tree goats... or that lizard that can run on water...stuff like that.

            Fairy tales, lots, all kinds. the Milly Molly Mandy Storybook?

            I could go on...but I'll stop. Especially 'cause I just realized these aren't really chapter books!
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              Re: OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers

              It’s not a chapter book, per se, but we mentioned the poetry of Lear so I’m throwing my suggestion in the ring: Shel Silverstein, “Where The Sidewalk Ends”. My seven-year-old daughter devoured that book. (And it is delicious.)

              Going in to Christmas season, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Winter on the Farm”, “Christmas In The Big Woods”, and “A Little House Christmas Treasury” are all winners. And of course you can’t go wrong with any of the original Little House books or sequels.
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                Re: OT: Chapter book read alouds for preschoolers

                YAY! A question I'm equipped to answer!

                My 3 year old ADORES the Mercy Watson series. "Mercy Watson wuuuuuvs toast, wif a great deal of butter on it!" (his pronunciation, not the author's) They are adorably funny, and a quick read. This was actually the first chapter book that I knew my son was listening to, since he asks for it by name.

                My 5 year old loves Pippi Longstocking, as well as Mrs Piggle Wiggle.

                A crowd favorite here are books from Beverly Cleary -- we have the Henry Huggins audio collection, as well as the Ramona Quimby audio collection.

                If you enjoyed Paddington, there are other books in the series. My kids were hooked on those for a while.
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