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Placement Exams or Readiness Assessments?

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    Placement Exams or Readiness Assessments?

    This may have been asked before (or may already be available), but is there an exam or assessment parents can use to determine what grade level their students should pursue in each MP grade or subject? Simply Classcial has this in loose form for their students, but I have not seen one for MP. Some of my kids are mismatched a bit and I’d like to know if I can tailor their subject content whilst retaining a paper copy of their progress.

    Boy Wonder: 10, MP2/SC4 (Special Needs)
    Joy Bubble: 8, MP2 (Special Needs)
    Snuggly Cowboy: 6, MPK
    Sweet Lightness: 2, Reverse-Engineering Specialist

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    Re: Placement Exams or Readiness Assessments?


    We don't actually have a readiness assessment for our regular curriculum. Students need to be ready to read Little Bear (or pretty close anyway) before moving into 1st grade. And students need to be reading fluently before moving into 3rd grade, which is quite a step up. Other than that, we would help you place your student into the right core package if you give us a call. Generally, students can go into their respective grade levels in primary and grammar school.