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    Hello fellow MP users! I am new to the forum but not to MP. I have been using MP with my only child for five years . I have been a forum reader all of this time trying to be somewhat connected to other users since I don't know of any in my corner of the world. All of your posts have helped me on my homeschooling journey , but there have also been times I have thought maybe my post could also help someone else on their journey . My daughter has absolutely loved MP and homeschooling ! She has never voiced any feelings of loneliness whatsoever . But, I'm quite sure this is also due to the fact that she has been involved in dance since before pre-k and is now on a dance team that only leaves us completely free two days a week. As soon as school is over she is happily rushing out the door to be involved with her 'dance family'.This is her passion and it brings her fulfillment. She also appreciates her weekday of rest with a much longer school day because she loves school just as much. An interesting truth that I think is important to add , is that not one other child at her dance school is homeschooled and most of her teammates want to be! It is not just because team dancing is a very rigorous schedule and a lot on the body but there is a general dislike of school being voiced , especially socially. Many of the parents question me but fear making the change or they are just too entrenched in full time work at this point. I believe we were called into homeschooling . It was just not a part of our lives or on our radar when we began. I believe we have to let that settle our unrest when those doubts start creeping in . But , I also believe when we are homeschooling one child we owe it to them to help them find their passion early on and involve them outside the home on a bigger scale so they can develop like minded friendships. We didn't know dance would also consume our lives we were just looking for something artistic and also some extra physical activity for our daughter to be involved in where she could make friends as well. She is 10 .


      Lovely, Eve. And, you really ought to share more!

      Your words convey the beauty and naturalness your family has found in homeschooling in YOUR life. Bonus: your child is receiving a classical education in addition to dancing. It sounds heavenly to me.


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      All homeschooled.


        Hi Jen! Thank you for responding! Funny , so many of your posts are what have helped me and given me confidence on my homeschooling journey. To see that all of your children are succeeding in higher education has helped me to stay focused and believe in this path being a good one for the long haul! Your firm conviction in why you have chosen certain curriculum based on past experiences with others has really given me so much good food for thought. For instance , my daughter has been using CLE math since first grade and for the most part she has been sailing along beautifully, now that she is in fourth grade we definitely have hit a speed bump and I have wondered if we should switch to Rod&Staff math. I lingered over your post last night which stated your young son is the only child in your family who had his math facts down cold this early.I can say that CLE's new concepts are coming at us like a whirlwind at this point and I'm concerned she will lose the ability to master the amount of work coming at her at this point, although she has continued to score high on the built in tests& quizzes but we have slowed down more than the curriculum allows for in a year . We will continue math through the summer but this is the quirky stuff I stress about in our schooling. I concern myself about where we are because of quarterly reporting (we are in NY) and arriving where we 'should' on time because of standardized test that will be taken on grade level next year . I have returned Rod& Staff in the past because my ability as a teacher to assist her worked much better with what I thought were clearer explanations in CLE. I still feel they are clear just coming at us with rapid fire! She also uses CLE for LA . She loves it and is very quick with it and does not want to make the switch to English Grammar . I do feel she has reached mastery with grammar which has been shown through her writing and oral review. Since this has been her math curriculum since first grade I don't know if it would be wise to switch , or just slow down to solidify facts& new concepts and ignore the unit we are on . This is our conundrum at the moment! Thank you again , Jen ,for your response to help get me started here and your wise feedback over the years!


          Yes, Eve! Please share more often. Those are pearls of wisdom right there.
          Festina lentē,
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