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Astronomy: How to memorize the Zodiacs

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    Astronomy: How to memorize the Zodiacs

    How do you have your kids memorize the 12 Zodiacs? Do you memorize in the longitudal lines (like in the astronomy text) or alphabetical order (like the recitation in curriculum guide)? Would it be bad to memorize them in the horiscope order (not sure what else to call it) or in the order of the months of the year? I just thought that might be a more practical way to memorize them. Also does anyone have a good mnemonic they use for this?

    Re: Astronomy: How to memorize the Zodiacs

    When my daughter was in third grade I remember they came up with hand clues for each of those constellations.

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      Re: Astronomy: How to memorize the Zodiacs

      It doesn't matter how you memorize the zodiacs. You can choose any order you wish.



        Re: Astronomy: How to memorize the Zodiacs

        My kids memorized alphabetically. We just chunked them into groups of 3 and they'd learn a new set every day/every other day. With my kids, no matter how what clues we use for memory (APIAS for the oceans, My Very Educated Mother...for the planets, etc.), I've found that it helps so much to break down a memorization list into chunks or pieces and to learn 3 or 4 at a time. Most lists form a rhythm this way, even if you decide to rearrange the list alphabetically, numerically or whatever.

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          Re: Astronomy: How to memorize the Zodiacs

          I've had my son memorize them in "horoscope order" like you suggest. At least by the end of the course, the list always begins with Aries and ends with Pieces. Even if they could be memorized in a different order, it makes the most sense to me for them to be memorized in a clock-wise fashion. It is the convention anyway, since that is the order the appear throughout the seasons.

          I had him memorize in groups of 3:




          By thinking in groups of three, he was able to string his memorization along, and I believe he came up with his own memory tricks.

          Hope that helps!

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            Re: Astronomy: How to memorize the Zodiacs

            I like that method, Jen. Thanks!
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