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    Grammar/Latin question

    I have an 8th grader working on the 8th grade package, but he is using First Form Latin. He's done some grammar in the last few years, but not much. Are Latin and Grammar tied in together? Should he be using the Grammar 8 book or using English Grammar Recitation? I'm not the best at teaching grammar, so I feel a bit overwhelmed when I try to teach R&S 8.

    Re: Grammar/Latin question

    I'd suggest starting with EGR Book 2, doing a brush up on any style things that are weak (capitalization, punctuation, commas, etc). Those weakness should be apparent in the first few lessons. You can do two lessons per week, perhaps together, and slow down if you hit a snag. At this pace you could do two books a year for two years and then finish book 5 in ninth/tenth. If you feel like you are starting from scratch, Book One is a great place to start. It's not labeled by grade.

    You could also do them more slowly, but the work in grammar is going to pay off in all the writing across other subjects every year of high school. It would seem to me better to shore that up sooner than later and EGR is the most concise yet thorough way I know to do it!

    Best wishes as you sort it out, knowing your boy and your situation best.
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      Re: Grammar/Latin question

      I started my older boys in EGR when they were in 6th and 7th grades and it's been fantastic! Just make sure that you hold him accountable for memorizing the grammar questions/answers (capitalization/punctuation don't have to be memorized). I fell off from that in Book 2 and we're now having to backtrack a little in the recitation department.
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        Re: Grammar/Latin question

        I will add that if you have a student who struggles to memorize, you can just recite the rules together, using the book. Obviously, it is better to have mastery of the rules because anything students have retained in their heads will always be available to them. But a daily reading of the rules will accomplish a lot also and lead to eventual memorization. In the classroom, our students have to memorize the rules word by word since they are reciting in choro, but at home, you don't have to be so particular about a word-for-word memorization - just so long as the student has a good grasp on the answer to the grammar question.



          Re: Grammar/Latin question

          Thank you all! It was definitely a face palm moment yesterday when I realized (and possibly could have exclaimed passionately out loud) that I learned more about grammar taking French in high school than I ever remembered from English class and they will probably have the same experience with Latin... and I remembered one of the reasons I chose MP/Latin was this very thing.