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1st grade Readers

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    1st grade Readers

    Hello! My first grade son, age 7, is struggling with the purple (level 5) readers in his 1st grade curriculum. Is it normal to have to actively help him to sound out about half of the words on each page? He isn't fighting me, there's no tears, and on some pages he doesn't need much help--but it just feels hard for him. Is it supposed to be challenging or is this reading intended to be more empowering so he can completely read it on his own without my help sounding out words?

    Thanks so much!

    Molly Aranda

    Re: 1st grade Readers


    Are you following all the steps in the Phonics Guide for Reading and Spelling going over the words that occur within the readers prior to reading!

    If you are doing this already, just continue through the books. We are not going for mastery of these. Just exposure to the new phonograms and Phonetic reading practice.

    Michelle T