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Top Ten List for a Great First Day

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    Re: Top Ten List for a Great First Day

    Originally posted by Jen in Japan View Post
    See? I am not beyond hijacking a thread.

    Sarah, name of said delicious, soft GF bread at Kroger? When I lived in Memphis I had to get used to Kroger quickly since it was the only show in town. Maybe I can find it here in DC Land if I have the name of the bread.

    Mary... I haven't tested almonds in yet, but that seems to be the go-to for most GF baked goods. Sounds yummy!


    I ate gluten, egg, soy, peanut and dairy free for about 6 months. I found a really good bread recipe. It Is REALLY good right out of the bread maker. Then, I would slice the remaining pieces up and freeze in individual servings. Then, toast and YUM! I would just pre-mix the flours in many batches so making it each time didn't take an hour to measure the flours out.

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      Re: Top Ten List for a Great First Day

      Bag just says "Better Way" Gluten Free bread (Lewis Brothers Bakeries, Evansville, IN). Hope that gives you a place to start!

      And almond flour is our staple, but simply cannot make a good sandwich bread without using stuff we cannot tolerate well. But these guys nailed it!


      ETA: Christine, ingredient list of the recipe you linked looks really similar to this one - using starches other than corn, which is key for us. High point for me is convenience of buying it pre-made. Such a luxury at this point! But that looks like a great recipe.
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        Re: Top Ten List for a Great First Day

        Sarah! You offered me some great chuckles last night as I read your "first day" post. That smile lingered a long time and I even told my hubby about your day and how you wrote to all of us.... he, as well, getting a kick out of it! Thank you for the funny encouragement. Mostly I'm thankful you got your pickle as that's critical for pregnant women, right?

        My older son had his first official day of high school yesterday via the launch of MPOA classes, of which he has 5! (HS Diploma Program) First up on Monday morning - Mrs. Peterson teaching Physical Science! Here we'd spent last week/weekend organizing binders, syllabi, double-checking, etc.....AND....he basically missed his first class due to tech difficulties that required Mr. Piland to tap into our home computer, trouble-shooting for a really long time! We've already done MPOA classes, a summer class, logged in for it was all such a weird fluke. But we managed to laugh it off. Meanwhile, all the chaos of the various classes, having hubby off, etc.....that meant younger son didn't have a "first day". Then off to debate club 45/50 minutes away in Stafford. My son went to bed a happy boy in spite of not really accomplishing much written schoolwork. Just very happy with what we are doing. So incredibly happy with his teachers. And this morning we have what I call a "debate hangover" after a couple hours of intense, deep policy wonk talk about higher education. LOL! I was feeling my middle-age menopause brain being stretched to new limits last night.

        I'm choosing not to go to bed under a blanket of guilt. Doing the best I can here! And it's looking like today may be a winner, as well, because teen son is ALREADY done with Alg 2 work for the day AND its corrected AND he's moved on. Now that's a MIRACLE (thank you, Mrs. Davis!)

        As for GF bread (all you GF people!) ....we are GF, as well. Hubby has tried many of the breads "out there" and has discovered a soft bread at WALMART of all places! It's sold in the regular bread section (not refrigerated or frozen) and it's called "Sam's Choice - Premium Multi-Grain Gluten Free Bread." Vacuum-sealed inside. But it's expensive at about $5.50 per loaf! I also tend to use Simple Mills Almond Foccacia Bread sold in a box for around $7 (so expensive!) I make it into a loaf bread (very moist) or I'll make muffins with it. It's not sweet and only has a handful of ingredients. Very Paleo. Another fun find: Birchbenders Paleo Pancakes. Pretty good! Not that weird texture you often get with these alternative mixes.

        Blessings all of you!

        Susan P in VA