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    French program

    I LOVE the new French program. I studied French for 6 years in jr/sr high and 2 additional years in college. I also studied 2 years of Spanish in high school. I have never found a program I am happy with for my children!

    I understand that level 2 should be completed next spring. Are there any plans for additional levels? What recommendations do you have for continuing French study after the second course?

    Also, while I prefer French as a language, Spanish is more relevant as far as likely usage (especially here in the South!). I would also be interested in a possible Spanish course sometime in the future. Are there any plans, or could there be?


    We don't have plans for a Spanish program, but we occasionally do run across publishable programs on different subjects, and if we run across one of those, we will certainly consider it.



      Subsequent French program

      Thank you for the response about the Spanish program.

      A few questions about the French program:

      Is the French II program still scheduled for release in Spring 2008?

      Are their any plans for French programs beyond the second course? If so, when do you estimate their completion (I understand it is a huge task!)

      If not, what do you recommend for study after a student completes both courses?

      Just trying to get a general gameplan before embarking on this new coursework.

      Thank you again!


        Future French Plans


        French II is still on for next Spring. Danielle also plans to complete French III the year after.

        Thanks for your positive comments. I have posted them onto the French page at and forwarded them on to Danielle. I hope this is ok. If not, please let me know.

        It is always nice to find that a course we put so much work into really hits the mark. I am sure we will find ways to improve it in the future, but we had the same frustration with other language courses that it seems you had.
        Brian Lowe


          Kudos & Looking Forward to Level 2!

          Originally posted by blowe
          French II is still on for next Spring. Danielle also plans to complete French III the year after.
          Thanks, Brian! I'd also like to echo Terri: I've looked for a French curriculum for years that would give me a basic structure, but would allow me the flexibility to use the six years of French I have under my belt. Textbook-based programs were too confining and frustrating. This looks great! I've ordered some French children's books and a children's Bible for my middle girls to go along with the curriculum and they're really excited about starting their French studies.

          Not that you know right now exactly when it'll be released (the best laid plans, eh?), but I want to let you know that I'm looking forward to the second level. My son is a senior in high school and we're hoping to study through the first book during the first semester. I'd love to be able to use the second level materials for his second semester, but can wing it if I need to.

          I've still got my old textbooks if I need them, I downloaded some scope and sequences from a French teachers' website, and we have lots of literature in French that I can use for translations, but if I don't have to reinvent the wheel, I'd rather not.



            I cannot find the quizzes for this program. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


              French quizzes?

              I'm echoing Kim. Where do I find the French quizzes? I don't see them in the teacher manual or student book!



                French quizzes...FOUND!

                I don't know why I missed it before, but the instructor manual notes that quizzes are available at or directly from Memoria if you call them at 877-862-1097.


                  Tests for review lessons

                  Still enjoying the French program. However, it does not seem that there are tests for review lessons (ex. lesson 6, 12). It would be very helpful to have one already made instead of making them myself.