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For the sake of my sanity and our school year please

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    Re: For the sake of my sanity and our school year please

    Originally posted by RunnerJoy View Post
    I’m considering getting a couple of the rolling carts and have a few questions. I have hardwood floors I don’t want scratched, do the wheels roll smoothly? Could the side hold a few command hooks for hanging flashcards? Could one cart fit all of the first grade core with Teacher Manuals? Thanks for the help!
    I have one that I use for art supplies and I haven't noticed any damage on my hardwood floors. That said, I have one that is for cleaning supplies and I noticed I have lines on my floor from where the cart has been rolled from one bathroom to another. Both carts are from IKEA and I'm wondering if the one has a little burr on its wheel. That or it might have something stuck on it. I haven't taken it across my floors since I noticed the problem, but I also haven't taken a look at the wheels.

    DD #1 - 3rd
    DD #2 - K