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Successful First Day!

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    Successful First Day!

    Last year we did parts of Memoria Press. Today was our first day of 3 full cores; Jr. K, First, and Second. My first grader was begging to start school by 6:30, so I gave her her math sheets and phonics sheets, which she finished by 7:15. My 2nd grader waited until I told him we had to start and and spent 1.5 hrs on his math; not because it is hard for him, but because he fidgets and stares out the window. I finished up with my daughters work during this time. We then did recitation and memory work together. I then spent 20 minutes on Latin with my son. We did the second grade enrichment all together and then took a break from 11-12:30 for lunch and recess and I even got a 30 minute nap in (I am 30 weeks pregnant); during this time I did some stuff with my Jr. Ker ( I am spreading the two days over 5). From 12:30-1:45 my son finished up phonics, spelling, and literature and my Jr. Ker sat at the table and did some workbook stuff. We then had a snack around 2 and went for a walk : ). I know that the beginning of the year is review in a lot of subjects, but we enjoyed our day and I look forward to a successful year.
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    Re: Successful First Day!

    Yay for a great first day!

    I see you're from Brick - we lived in Atlantic Highlands for a couple of years (did the shift from NYC---> Hoboken ---> Jersey Shore) before moving to Texas. So glad there are other NJ families embracing classical education! <3 Makes me *almost* want to move back. Almost...

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      Re: Successful First Day!

      Comgrats! Sounds like it was enjoyable for all - I am most envying the nap! .

      Keep up the good work!
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