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    weighted grades

    How do you all or teachers at HLS assign weight for the Classical Studies I class? Here are the categories I have: Student Guide/Notebook, Quizzes, Tests. I don't think participation should be a category being a home school course, correct?

    Is the final weighted separate from the quizzes and tests?

    Am I missing anything else?

    I'd like to do this course as close as possible to the online format.


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    Re: weighted grades


    I spoke to one of our middle school classical studies teachers, and here is her breakdown:

    study guide completion/homework 25% (We do some study guide work in class, but students are also responsible to complete study guides on their own time)
    quizzes 35% (weighted higher than tests because there are so many more quizzes than tests)
    tests 30%
    Participation/Notebooks/Organization 10% (Students have a binder with lecture notes, returned quizzes and tests, etc. and these are graded each semester for neatness, organizational skills, as we want to build good habits for high school.)



      Re: weighted grades

      Good info Tanya! Thank you for hounding your teachers on our behalf

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