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Advice on what Latin to do next year.

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    Advice on what Latin to do next year.

    I have a rising 3rd grader. Last year we finished Latina Christina, including Ludere Latin and all the Review Worksheets. My daughter's understanding of the materials seems through; however her vocabulary recall could be better. Specifically regarding vocabulary mastery, should students be able to look at the English word and recall the Latin vocabulary word or vice versa? If given the Latin vocabulary word first she can recall the English but has a harder time if given the English first. I'm hesitant to move on to First Form Latin this year simply because at this pace she'll start Henle as a 6th grader and that seems unnecessarily ambitious. I'm considering starting FFL but going at a slower pace (1 lesson every two weeks) so that it takes us 2 years to get through FFL OR reviewing Latina Christiana and doing Lingua Angelica for her 3rd grade Latin curriculum. Then she'd start FFL as a 4th grader. I'd love some advice!! Thanks.

    Re: Advice on what Latin to do next year.

    Two cents from me:

    I'd review Latina Christiana (repeating all of the work, oral and written) with Lingua Angelica (optional, maybe just sing along) for the year, then move on to First Form at full pace in fourth grade. It may seem like a drag, but no time spent laying a strong foundation in a cumulative subject is ever wasted. First Form over two years would be awkward (my opinion) when it's really just meant to be done at age-appropriate level one lesson per week. Everything from LC is repeated in First Form so while mastery isn't essential on vocabulary, it's very nice and gives you a leg up on First Form. Truly, it's just better to wait to begin the Forms until fourth grade, no matter what the student has done before. As you alluded to, the reward of going fast now is work that's too difficult too soon later.
    If you can convey the We are not in any hurry attitude, it can smooth over some disappointment from not going on. If you are doing Latin for the long-haul and she starts First Form in fourth grade, the sky's the limit.
    Festina lentē,
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      Re: Advice on what Latin to do next year.

      I can second Jessica's advice as I was in this same position this past school year. My oldest 2 boys are a day short of being 11 months apart. My younger son wanted to do Latin with his brother, so he ended up doing LC in 2nd grade. He did incredibly well, but clearly hadn't mastered the vocabulary as well as he had memorized the grammar forms. I had him redo LC this year, as well as the work in Ludere Latine. He excelled, and it really didn't bother him to do it again. He was, I felt, ready for FFL by March, so I did Unit 1 with him slowly until June. It was an intensive review of LC with some new vocabulary and lots of grammar questions. We've focused on Latin recitation this summer, and I'm going to start back at the beginning of FFL with him in September. I wouldn't hesitate to slow down and do things again until mastery has been achieved. It really helped his self confidence as well.

      Best wishes!
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        Re: Advice on what Latin to do next year.

        Thanks for sharing your experiences! We are going to stick with Latina Christiana for another year.