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How to set up a Latin notebook

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    How to set up a Latin notebook

    Hello. Does anyone find using a notebook helpful when studying/ teaching Latin? How do you set it up? We are nearing completion of Latina Christiana an will begin FFL as soon as LC is finished. I think we will use a notebook for Latin, and I like to be organized, so I'd like to have a plan for the notebook set up and use before we begin FFL.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Re: How to set up a Latin notebook

    Hi Tracy!

    We only use notebooks for writing the vocabulary and grammar forms for practice each day from LC on up through the Forms. But there is nothing fancy to the set-up or arrangement of it. Each time they do the work they simply start fresh on a new page and write them out. Some of my kids do this in a Latin-specific notebook, while others prefer to work in one single notebook for their work in all their subjects. For those kids, the work gets buried within math pages, spelling pages, writing assignments, etc.

    Basically, you can make a Latin notebook really be that simple....Day one - vocabulary/grammar; (new page) Day two - vocabulary/grammar; etc.

    Or you can probably make it more complex too...but what my kids end up using the most is their flash cards, their student workbooks (which have their grammar drill questions in the back), and their student textbooks. This is where they do the majority of their work and is also what they use for study. The stuff they write in a separate notebook is really just a drill activity and they do not usually refer back to it.

    Hope that helps!
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