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When do you grade work?

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    When do you grade work?

    Hi Everyone,

    If you have children who are old enough to do some of their MP work independently, when do you set aside time to grade/check it? I'm just wondering what works best for various families.

    Do you find it best to check it as they complete it throughout the day? Do you have them meet with you at the end of the day and check work together? Do you also require they fix their work? What if they do sloppy or slipshod work?
    Cathy aka The Attached Mama
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    DD 11, 6th Grade
    DS 5, K

    Re: When do you grade work?

    It depends on which of my older ds checks in after each assignment mainly because he really wants to know right away if he is understanding correctly so I check then and there with him. Sometimes he has to wait on a sibling but it does not take so long to check work that I can not step away form the youngest two for a minute with him.

    Dd is my highschooler and she usually waits until all her work is done and we go over it together in the evening when it is quiet. She is less a perfectionist and prioritizes quiet time to reflect with me over immediate feedback.

    I do have them do additional work if it is not done to the full extent of their ability at the time. We have a lot of extenuating circumstances so there are times where work is going to slip...I know sometimes it is just distraction or non compliance and then they have to redo but I often see repeated slipshod work as a barometer or warning system for older kids...time to check in more deeply... are they not engaging/understanding their work, are they feeling ill, are there emotional concerns that need to be is been a good gauge for us and in those cases I reevaluate rather than expect re-completed work.

    My youngest dd is just starting to do independent work and she really needs to check in after each independent assignment...I usually have to track her down so her work is checked right away as well.

    Only once when I was really sick did I attempt to save everything to check at the end of the day for all my kids and it was a disaster I will not repeat...I lost the context of what they were thinking /doing when answering and and it was harder to evaluate their work.

    It really may very well be different on a family to family basis though.
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      Re: When do you grade work?

      I sit with each kid daily and go through each subject. First I grade the previous day's work with them so I can discuss mistakes, then I teach the new material and assign that day's work. I found if I grade on my own they don't get as much benefit as they do when I grade it with them. Plus, if I grade on my own I procrastinate. This way grading gets done every day.
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        Re: When do you grade work?

        I grade in the same way as Debbie. I try to meet each day with my kids. My oldest takes many classes online so I just check in with him that he's completing assignments on time. My other kids vary based on level of independence. I do have them correct what they get wrong or is messy. If I can read it, but it's still messy, I don't have them re-do it. I just chat with them and ask them to do better next time so they don't have to re-do. If I'm diligent about checking work and meeting with my kids our school year tends to go well!
        God Bless,


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