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    Grammar Supplement

    We are considering using Latina Christiana for our school's Latin curriculum. Is LC sufficient, as a stand-alone program ,to learn Latin and English grammar, or do you recommend supplementing LC with another English grammar program (i.e. Shurley Grammar)?


    Latin for Grammar


    Latina Christiana is all you need to teach both Latin and English grammar. At Highlands Latin School (, we do keep an English grammar reference book in the classroom to quickly look up questions, but you will be amazed at how well your students will master Engilsh grammar by studying Latin.

    Here is an excerpt from the article "Latin Is the Next Step After Phonics"

    "But there are more reasons to study Latin than a larger vocabulary and higher SAT scores. One is contained in the expression “all that grammar.” All that grammar is exactly what students get in Latin that they don’t get in French or Spanish.

    To really understand the structure of language (and that’s what grammar is), students must study a structured language. In Latin, grammar is the organizing principle, rather than a vestige, as it is in most modern languages. Students who learn English grammar by comparison and contrast with Latin grammar, develop an understanding of language far superior to anything that can be achieved by the study of modern languages alone.

    Why do we even care about grammar anyway? Most parents I know are really concerned about the poor writing skills of their children and feel that an understanding of grammar will help them write with more clarity and precision. Parents have an uneasy feeling that the muddled writing of their children is evidence of muddled thinking. Studying a disciplined, organized language like Latin helps students learn to think in a more disciplined, organized way. The very nature of the language affects the way students think and write. "

    If you want to discuss your plans for next year, give us a call at 877-862-1097.
    Brian Lowe