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    Re: How to add Greek?

    I am from the capital (ottawa) and we visit frequently. It is predominately French, mostly because Quebec is just on the other side of the river and because of the current government policies. If you cross the river from Ottawa, most people speak both, however the further north you go into Quebec, like the Saguenay region, or Abitibi there are a lot of people who don't speak any English. A lot of the northern regions of Ontario are French, but speak a little English. The further west you travel in Canada it becomes more anglicized. We drive back and forth a lot so we notice the transition. Currently, we live in a historically French area in Western Canada. A long time ago, French settlers mixed with the Indigenous population and their descendants are called the Metis (the Scots also mixed, but have no special status or name), and they speak a language called Mitchif. But few people speak it. I do use my french a lot here - the library, the bakery, with neighbors and in Canada everything is translated in both official languages, so there is no lack of french reading material! What is ironic, however is that the second most spoken language of the city is Tagalog. Unfortunately French is a battle for us. My daughters refuse to speak to me, even though her good friend is more comfortable speaking French. But I am persistent. We may have to return to Ottawa one day, and French is necessary to be hired as a civil servant and for most service jobs. I also plan (and hope) for them to write their DELF exams by high school. So, the long and short of it is that it is interesting but sometimes I would like them to be free to learn other languages that they are passionate about.

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      Re: How to add Greek?

      What a great reminder that there is always a story behind what each family is doing and why. I appreciate you taking the time to share!
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