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    6R Review Box

    Hi all,

    We started using the Review Box after receiving it as part of the 3A curriculum guide. I know some folks prefer flash cards to the review box (nice to have options - thanks MP!), however, it worked really well for us so we kept using it.

    As part of our prep for starting 6R, I created review box cards for:

    - Sixth Grade Recitation
    - EGR III
    - Famous Men of the Middle Ages
    - Grade 6 Literature
    - Christian Studies III

    In the event anyone else might find it handy, I've attached the cards I created in PDF format. If you're interested in the editable Publisher format to customize them, PM me and I'll send that along as well.


    For those of you that haven't used a review box, here's how we've used it:

    1) Print and cut out card entries on printer paper
    2) Select a different color of index card for each subject
    3) Glue (we use fast-drying glue stick) card entries to index cards
    4) Using index card dividers in an index card file box, label one divider "Daily", then others labeled "Mon", "Tues", "Wed", "Thurs", "Fri"
    5) Each week, as you start the new page of the curriculum guide, take the corresponding cards for each subject (ex: "Famous Men of the Middle Ages - Week 7") and place them behind the "Daily" tab. During Week 7 recitation, for example, you review all corresponding Week 7 cards.
    6) When you move to the subsequent week, take the cards from behind the "Daily" tab and move them to the "Mon" tab. We then review all cards in the "Daily" section each day that week, and on Monday, we also review the prior week's cards that are behind the Monday tab.
    7) As the weeks progress, shuffle the Monday cards to Tuesday, then to Wednesday, and finally to numbered tabs for once a month review. (We're not that systematic about monthly review; I tend to grab cards from prior weeks for spot review more randomly after the Monday-Friday series.)

    There are much better instructions in the 3A curriculum guide. My apologies but I don't have it handy.
    DD 15 - MP 9

    Re: 6R Review Box

    Thank you for your hard work and sharing all of this! We haven't used a review box before, other than for memorizing Bible verses. I'm going to print all of this out and either make cards or even just keep it handy for easy, all-in-one reference.


      Re: 6R Review Box

      Thank you! I can tell you took much effort and care with this. It is so wonderful to have. I hope to use it this summer with my daughter.
      Carlyn D.
      DD- 14 yr. old has used Memoria Press Classical Core since K; 9A currently
      DS- 22 yr. old college graduate
      DS- 22 yr. old college student
      Both sons graduated May 2016 from high school after homeschooling since preschool. :)


        Re: 6R Review Box

        Originally posted by CarlynD View Post
        Thank you! I can tell you took much effort and care with this. It is so wonderful to have. I hope to use it this summer with my daughter.
        Wow- thank you for sharing! What a gold mine!