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Horatius at the Bridge

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  • SaintJude7
    Re: Horatius at the Bridge

    I put the memorization of Horatius at the Bridge as something optional for my children. If they want to attempt it, great. If not, they can memorize other poems instead. My son who actually memorized it took it on as a personal challenge. He wanted to see if he could do it, and he did. I have to say, it was a thrill the day that he recited that whole poem for my husband and me.
    Has your son seen the Seven Poems Every Boy Should Know that are in "The Dangerous Book for Boys"? I love that that book also has Latin Phrases Every Boy Should Know.

    DD 20, DS 17, DS 14, DS 12, DD 10, DS 7, DD 5

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  • Mom2mthj
    started a topic Horatius at the Bridge

    Horatius at the Bridge

    I am attempting to finish 6M with my 11yo son and it has been a challenging year. He is a daydreamer with many varied interests. I am looking at 7M and wondering if some of you could tell me what is so important about memorizing all of Horatius at the Bridge. It looks like a huge time commitment and I want to know what the child gets out of it besides being able to say he did it. He could do it, but I just don't feel convinced that it is the best use of his (and my) time. We haven't done as much memorization this year as I had hoped, but I think there are other poems he might enjoy more. Thoughts?