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    FFL Options for Final Exam

    Which test did you choose according to the options given on Friday of Week #34 for the First Form Latin Final Test? Why?
    Kellie M.
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    Re: FFL Options for Final Exam

    I assign all of them and yes, it's a lot of writing! The reason I do is that I think it's the best preparation for the Final Exam. I'm attaching my Lesson 33/34 homework sheet from the cottage school class I teach. I had them to two Unit Tests and the final all in one week. It's basically like writing and rewriting their recitation, plus vocabulary. I think it's a great way to ramp up to the final and suggest that you take them back to back as quickly as you can. In my experience, the longer something is drawn out the more rusty you become. I told my students to use the two unit tests to isolate any mistakes they are making on verbs or vocabulary ahead of the final exam. Hope this helps!

    MP FORUM SAMPLE First Form Week 34 Lesson 33 & 34 PDF.pdf
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