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Mammals in a Co-Op?

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  • tanya
    Re: Mammals in a Co-Op?

    Hi, Susan.

    I think Mammals would work well in a coop setting. The lessons are short, and you could easily do more than one a week if needed. And the study guides will give parents all the guidance they need to complete the homework assigned.


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  • sfhargett
    started a topic Mammals in a Co-Op?

    Mammals in a Co-Op?

    Has anyone used Mammals in a co-op setting?

    I'm hoping to re-join our co-op next semester and am trying to make it more worth our time academically. One way to do this would be to teach a class I would want to teach at home. I'm planning on doing Mammals next year anyways.

    Could this work in a co-op setting? Our co-op is only 24 weeks, so that makes it tricky since there are 30 lessons. Would it be possible to do multiple lessons in one week sometimes?

    I'd love opinions/ideas.

    I'm not planning on buying materials before Sodalitas, but I need to commit to what I'll teach before then.