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Question about recitation vs flashcards vs review box

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    Question about recitation vs flashcards vs review box

    Hi Everyone,

    I ended up ordering the 4th-grade core curriculum for new users to use with my 9-year-old DD and 10-year-old DS. WELL----We had our box day the other day!! Everything looks so very nice. I am feeling so optimisitc and excited about this school year.

    Before starting Memoria Press, I had always pieced together my own school year using ideas from TWTM and products from Classical Accademic press / Simply Charlotte Mason / Classical Conversations. I had thought that I was doing a decent job....but I realize now that these complete cores are SO much better than what i was putting together on my own. (As an added bonus, I think I am going to have my summer free of planning. Yipee!)

    As it is my first time using a core, I had a couple of questions about the best way to conduct recitations and subject reviews.
    Ideally, would I start the day off using the recitation from the appendix?
    How do the subject flashcards fit in with the review box in the appendix? Are the flashcards supposed to be filed in the review box or something separate? (Latin, Geography, astronomy, lit vocab, greek myths, Bible memory, etc.)
    How often should I use the flashcards for each subject? Is it best to review subjects separately or everything together?

    Thanks so much!
    Cathy aka The Attached Mama
    DS 12, 7th Grade
    DD 11, 6th Grade
    DS 5, K

    Re: Question about recitation vs flashcards vs review box

    Squeee! I'm so excited for you, mainly because you sound like you were doing what I was doing before going all in with MP...and YAY for having a planning-free summer!

    Everybody has his/her own way of doing things when it comes to review boxes, recitation and flashcards. Bearing that in mind, I'll tell you how we use them in our house...and I know that lots of other very wise and creative parents will chime in to give you their methods, too. This way, you'll can glean the ideas that will work best for you and put them together (knowing full well that this will likely change as your kiddos get older!)

    First, guilty admission: I don't use the review box. I love, love, love the idea but it was just too much for us to implement. Other Mamas have used it with great success and they'll be able to outline exactly how they do it.

    Second, with regard to recitation, I like to start our days with it. I do break it up so that by week 19 I don't have three children standing for hours reciting facts. *LOL* Rather, we do the current week's bit, along with a review of a selected past week's (or weeks', depending on how far into the school year we are). On Monday, I go through the facts they'll be reciting, giving both the question and the answer. They repeat this. As the week goes on, they're learning these recitation facts and look forward to finding those gems in their lessons. It's really neat!
    My kids really like recitation and each stands to do his/her recitation, then sits to hear his/her siblings do theirs. Other families find that doing this at the end of the day or only a few days a week works best for them - again, you'll find your rhythm.

    Lastly, flashcards. I <3 flashcards! We don't use these as part of our recitation; rather, we use them for review. The kids pull them out to review the week's lesson (as well as previous weeks' lessons) and we sometimes use them for Jeopardy-style oral quiz games. I laminate mine and put them on a binder ring, with a peg board on the wall to hold all of the sets. As far as I know, these are not filed in the review boxes; rather, if I remember correctly, there are separate cards that are filed there. (Other Mamas! Help me out on this one!)

    I sincerely hope this has helped to answer your question.

    DD15 - 9th core + CLRC Ancient Greek I & Latin IV + VideoText math
    DS12 - 7th core + Novare Earth Science + CLRC HS Latin I + VideoText math
    DD8 - SC level 2


      Re: Question about recitation vs flashcards vs review box

      I recently asked this question and was told that the Review Cards/Box is unnecessary if we are doing Recitation. Which we do every morning. We go over the current week, odd or even date, weekday, and day of the month -- so my kids are reviewing 4 weeks worth of material every morning. Flashcards have been harder for me to implement, though. They go through them on their own (I think), but I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it (obviously). I may have to have another child "Flashcard" the child actually studying the material, and make sure that the Flashcard check box is being paid attention to. I LOVE the idea of laminating, ringing, and pegboarding them. That gets them out in the open (ours are in Brighton bags and tossed in a basket on a shelf), and keeps them reusable for all the little ducks further down in the row!
      - Katherine, Army wife

      dd, 23 :: Homeschool Grad
      dd, 20 :: Homeschool Grad, University of Cincinnati
      ds, 18 :: Homeschool Senior -> USAF
      ds, 15 :: MP Greeks/Homer & Modern Biology
      dsS, 13, 12, 10 :: mostly Core 5
      ds, 8 + dd, 6 :: Core 1
      dd, 3 :: ABCs, 123s, crayons, playdough, + paint


        Re: Question about recitation vs flashcards vs review box

        I started using the review box concept in 3A -- I followed the instructions in the curriculum guide and it worked so well, I kept doing it as we moved forward.

        I use a file box and file the review cards I have on index cards. I use the general recitation questions from the curriculum guide for a "general" card each week. I file the flash cards for each topic (ex: latin, timline) in with that week's recitation.

        We start each class day with recitation, which takes about 15-30 min. I generally run through the current week's cards, then spot review from 2-3 prior weeks. Some more in-depth recitation (for example, the First Form Latin grammar questions) I reserve for the subject-specific class period, as it's more time consuming.

        I love learning from the other folks on this board -- there have been so many great ideas posted on the forum that I've implemented in our own school day. Thanks everyone!

        DD 13 - MP 8