This is not a correction, but a suggestion when it gets revised.

We are just on Lesson 11 of LC2, and my children were trying to do the accompanying Ludere Latine 2 puzzle on pp 58-59. I say trying, because it was impossible for them to do. I even helped them with it, and I had a very difficult time with it.

The problem is that the words in the clues are so advanced that there is no way young children could find the derivatives on their own. This pertains to the chapter on prepositions (lesson 10), where only a few derivatives are listed. I had to look up the answers in the back of the Ludere book and write all the possible derivatives in my teacher's manual so they could choose from those. Even having done this, it was still very difficult for them (and me). For example, my 12 and 10 year had no idea the derivative "false or erroneous belief" (answer: delusion), and even I wasn't sure what answer the book was looking for. They learned the preposition "de" (down from) in lesson 10. Other of these problematic answers were words such as "deviate", "absolve", "perpetual", "circumvent". (My 12 year old is also doing Vocabulary Vine , which is another word roots program, along with this Latin, and she still couldn't do the puzzle.

I suggest that when/if you revise Ludere 2, you include a complete list of the derivatives in the accompanying LC2 lesson.

I am wondering if anyone else had this problem. I think the Ludere Books are excellent and really help reinforce the lessons, but this particular lesson only served to frustrate us all.