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Third Edition LC Teacher Manuals

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    Third Edition LC Teacher Manuals

    I purchased my Latin materials well before my children were old enough to use them. We are now halfway through LCI, using a 2nd edition TM. I just found out from a friend that a 3rd edition is out. I looked through her copy and could see that there are many improvements. I also already have the LCII TM 2nd edition and have discovered that a 3rd edition of this is also available. Is there anyway I can upgrade these books? I read a thread that said upgrades were available for $11, but that was in 2005. Is this still the policy? Thanks so much.

    Upgrade for $11

    As long as you bought it new, you can still upgrade it for $11. Just send the book and a check for $11 to:

    Memoria Press
    4105 Bishop Ln
    Louisville, KY 40218

    Include a note that you would like to exchange it. Let me know if you need anything else.
    Brian Lowe