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Transition from Prima Latina to LC I

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    Transition from Prima Latina to LC I

    When my daughter was a 3rd grader in public school, I bought Prima Latina as a supplement to introduce her to Latin. (I had 2 yrs of Latin in public high school years ago...) We got through about 5 lessons, and then she started going to a Christian school which had Latin once per week. Now in 5th grade, I've realized that she is getting some vocabulary but not much grammar in her Latin class at school. We've whizzed through another 5 lessons in Prima Latina, but I'm wondering if we should finish the Prima Latina course, or instead move onto Latina Christiana I ? My daughter enjoys Latin and seems to learn it easily...

    Thanks in advance for your comments!

    I think she'd do very well in LC1...

    Considering how much exposure she's had to Latin already.

    PL is basically the same vocab as she will encounter in LC1 (with more words added), but there is more grammar, which is sounds like she is ready for.

    Hope this helps.
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      Thanks for your reply

      Thanks very much for your reply. I appreciate your advice!



        finish PL

        If you have the book and your dd likes it just finish, then continue with LCI and pick up the pace if she can. We finish a chaper in three days, but I do not require them to spell the words. When we start LCII the first 5 chapters are review and we will work on spelling. If she has been doing Latin you should be able to go through both PL and LCI very quickly and still have some fun.

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          I appreciated your reply, especially your comments re. pacing!

          Tricia in TX